Medigen serves customers by transforming the promise of science and biotechnology into high-quality services, products and information that serve the needs of our customers. Our success depends on superior scientific innovation, integrity and continuous improvement through application of scientific methods. In everything we do, we aim to serve our customers and to provide the highest quality of products and services.

Our services include VLP preparation, electron microscopy, molecular biology, protein expression, as well as cGMP production and fill finish services.

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VLP Production

Medigen scientists are the experts in the VLP design and VLP expression. Our staff is involved in VLP research since the invention of this technology in the 1980s. We provide custom services including VLP design, expression of VLPs, purification of VLPs, and characterization of VLPs.

Our expertise includes both enveloped and non-enveloped VLPs, as well as nanoparticles. We prepare VLPs in mammalian, insect, and bacterial expression systems. The examples of VLPs prepared by Medigen include hepatitis B virus (HBV), human papillomavirus (HPV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), influenza virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and norovirus VLPs.

Electron Microscopy (EM)

Medigen provides electron microscopy (EM) services including

  • Negative staining transmission EM (TEM)
  • Immunoelectron microscopy (IEM)
  • Quantitation of particles by EM

Here are some examples of EM images of recombinant influenza VLPs, norovirus VLPs 

Molecular Biology

Medigen offers a variety of molecular biology services, including plasmid construction, cDNA cloning, baculovirus and bacmam production, DNA purification, DNA sequencing, transfection, and protein expression. 

Protein Purification

We offer protein purification and cell culture expression services including bacterial, insect, and mammalian cells.

cGMP services

We offer limited, case-by-case cGMP production and fill finish services. Please contact Medigen Services for more information and availability at