Novel iDNA vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis

Medigen’s innovative vaccine against Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) is published in Virology, a premier international scientific journal on viruses.  JEV is the main cause of viral encephalitis in many countries of Asia with an estimated 68,000 clinical cases every year and more than 3 billion people at risk of infection.  Medigen scientists prepared iDNA plasmid [...]

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Virus-like particles protect from pandemic influenza

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccination is the most effective way to prevent infection and severe disease caused by influenza viruses. Human influenza is easily transmitted from person to person and cause seasonal flu epidemics. In contrast, animal influenza viruses do not easily transmit between humans. However, if mutate, they can cause large [...]

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Lassa virus vaccines

Lassa virus (LASV) is the most dangerous viral pathogen in Africa in terms of annual number of human infections and fatalities resulting in an estimated 500,000 infections and 5,000 deaths per year. LASV causes an acute viral hemorrhagic illness and is transmitted to people by contact with food or household items contaminated by rodents. Person-to-person [...]

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